[ Moment Company raises $3 million in funding ]

Moment has raised $3 million and inked a deal with Apple that will allow the startup to sell its products in 50 Apple Stores in the U.S.

Marc Barros launched the company in 2013 after taking a nine month break from the tech scene when he was fired from his first startup, Contour. Moment makes lenses and cases for smartphones and helps improve picture quality from a phone’s camera.

Moment plans to use the funds for continued development of lenses and other products.

Funding  Venture
Founded  2014
Country  USA
City  Seattle, Washington
Founder / CEO  Marc Barros
Deal Size  $3M
Investors  Founders’ Co-op
 Lux Capital
Previous Investors  Maveron
 Lux Capital
 Steve Singh
 Michael Schutzler
 Andy Dunn
 Jeremy Andrus
 Galvanize Ventures
 Marc Bell Ventures
  FG Angels

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