[ SteamaCo raises £640k in seed capital ]

SteamaCo, the Manchester-based business that offers advanced smart metering to emerging markets, has completed a $919.56k seed capital round.

SteamaCo offers advanced smart metering in frontier markets. SteamaCo meters electricity at 37 sites in six countries, serving 10,000 people across Africa and Asia, and 70% of Kenya’s off-grid microgrid market.

The company plans to use the funding to expand access to its smart metering and data analytics technology, which is designed to help distributed electricity providers reach 1.3 billion people living beyond the grid.

Funding  Seed
Founded  2010
Country  UK
City  Manchester
Founder / CEO  George Potts
Deal Size  $919.56k
Investors  ClearlySo
Previous Investors  /

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