[ Casetext raises $12M in Series B ]

Casetext has raised $12 million in Series B funding.

Founded in 2013, Casetext has grown into one of the most popular resources in the legal community. Casetext pair free legal research and publishing so you can search state and federal cases, statutes, and regulations, for free, annotated by insights from the country’s leading attorneys, law firms, and academics.

The new funds will be used to expand its software platform that offers insights into cases cited in legal documents and to further develop CARA (Case Analysis Research Assistant), an AI-powered assistant for lawyers.

Funding  Series B
Founded  2013
Country  USA
City  Palo Alto, California
Founder / CEO  Jake Heller
Deal Size  $12M
Investors  Red Sea Ventures
 Union Square Ventures
 Canvas Ventures
Previous Investors  Formation 8
 Ilya Sukhar
 Y Combinator
 Susa Ventures
 Red Sea Ventures
 Union Square Ventures
 Crosslink Capital
 A-Grade Investments
 Darian Shirazi
 Rob Emrich
 Charlie Cheever
 Paul Buchheit
 Tom Glocer
 David Beyer
 SV Angel

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Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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