[ Primus Power raises $32M in Series E ]

Primus Power has raised $32 million in Series E funding.

Founded in 2009, Primus Power is a privately held producer of flow batteries: Big Batteries for the Smart Grid. These patented, liquid batteries provide flexible capacity from 25kW to 25MW, for stationary, grid scale applications. Primus’ EnergyPod provides 5 hours of energy discharge and a long twenty year life span

The company will use the new funds to help “accelerate the commercial momentum” of its EnergyPod 2 battery system, which is based on the company’s zinc-bromide flow batteries. Among the aims of Primus Power is to introduce its flow batteries into the Chinese market.

Funding  Series E
Founded  2009
Country  USA
City  Hayward, California
Founder / CEO  Tom Stepien
Deal Size  $32M
Investors  Russia-Kazakhstan Nanotechnology Fund
 Anglo American Platinum
 DBL Partners
 Matador Capital Partners
 Success Dragon
Previous Investors  Chrysalix Venture Capital
 Anglo American Platinum
 Bonneville Power Administration
 California Energy Commission,
 US Department of Energy
 DBL Investors
 Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
 I2BF Global Ventures
 Russia-Kazakhstan Nanotechnology  Fund
 Anglo American

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