[ Snapcart raises $3M in Seed ]

Snapcart has raised $3 million in Seed funding.

Founded in 2015, Snapcart lets users take a picture of their receipt whenever they buy something. By “reading” the contents of the receipt, its analytics software gathers consumer data from offline purchases, like who bought what, when, from where. It’s the kind of data that’s normally only available to ecommerce platforms.

The startup will use the funding to improve its text-reading technology and its machine learning and data science capabilities. It will also hire more people, aiming to build up its sales team.

Funding Seed
Founded  2015
Country  Indonesia
City  Jakarta, Jakarta Raya
Founder / CEO  Reynazran Royono
Deal Size  $3M
Investors  Vickers Venture Partners
 SPH Media Fund
 Wavemaker Partners
Previous Investors  Reynazran Royono
 Ardent Capital
 Wavemaker Partners
 SPH Media Fund

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