[ Freightos raises $25M in Series B ]

Freightos has raised $25 million in Series B funding.

Founded in 2012, Freightos is  a company specialising in freight logistics technology.

Its unique technology enables instant freight routing and pricing for top forwarders worldwide. This same technology powers the Freightos Marketplace, where service providers can sell services online and import/export companies can compare, book, and manage shipments instantly.

Funding  Series B
Founded  2012
Country  Israel
City  Jerusalem
Founder / CEO  Zvi Schreiber
Deal Size  $25M
Investors  GE Ventures
 Aleph VC
 Annox Capital
 Gold Lion Holdings
 Master Toys
 MSR Capital
 ICV Capital Partners
Previous Investors  Aleph
 Sadara Ventures
 Annox Capital
 MSR Capital
 Zvi Schreiber
 Israel Cleantech Ventures (ICV)

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