[ Wecash raises $80M in Series C ]

Wecash has raised $80 million in Series C  funding.

Founded in 2014, Wecash is the first online credit evaluation platform in China. The Beijing-based startup was the only Chinese firm that appeared in a KPMG report on the world’s top 50 fintech innovators in 2014, according to public data on its official website.

The company will use the new financing  to enhance its lending artificial intelligence, enrich offline and online consumption scenes, and build a research team in machine-learning chips, in addition to subsidizing its overseas expansion plan.

Funding  Series C
Founded  2014
Country  China
City  Beijing, Beijing Municipality
Founder / CEO  Zhi Zhengchun
Deal Size  $80M
Investors  SIG Ventures
 Foresight Group
 China Merchants Innovation  Investment Management
Previous Investors  SIG Ventures
 IDG Capital Partners

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