[ Cirius Therapeutics raises $40M in Series A ]

Cirius Therapeutics has raised $40 million in Series A funding.

Founded in 2015, Cirius Therapeutics  is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing therapies to treat liver diseases.

The company will use the proceeds to complete the ongoing Emminence trial, a Phase 2b study of MSDC-0602K, a next-generation insulin sensitizer, for the treatment of patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and liver fibrosis.

Funding  Series A
Founded  2015
Country  USA
City  Kalamazoo, Michigan
Founder / CEO  Bob Baltera
Deal Size  $40M
Investors  Frazier Healthcare Partners
 Novo A/S
 Hopen Life Science Ventures
 Adams Street Partners
 Renaissance Venture Capital Fund
Previous Investors  /

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