[ Teamable raises $5M in Venture ]

Teamable has raised $5 million in Venture funding.

Founded in 2013, Teamable  is a modern employee referral and diversity hiring engine that transforms social networks into high-performance talent pools. Teamable scales and optimizes referral programs and diversity initiatives by replacing spreadsheet-based approaches with intuitive search and cloud-based, mobile-friendly referral flows.

The company will use the funding to accelerate growth and deepen its relationships with clients like Lyft, Stripe, and Quantcast.

Funding  Venture
Founded  2013
Country  USA
City  San Francisco, California
Founder / CEO  Laura Bilazarian
Deal Size  $5M
Investors  SaaStr Fund
 True Ventures
Previous Investors  Ranch Ventures

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Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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