[ Barnebys raises $3.3M in Funding ]

Barnebys  has raised $3.3M in funding.

Founded in 2011, Barnebys  operates an aggregator for design and vintage items, as well as for arts, antiques, and collectibles. It offers access to items from 2,000 auction houses and dealers and has about 700,000 lots available to its users on a daily basis.

The company will use the new financing  to expand operations in the US.

Funding  undisclosed
Founded  2011
Country  Sweden
City  Stockholm
Founder / CEO  Christopher Barnekow
Deal Size  $3.3M
Investors  Howzat Partners
 Active Venture Partners
 Inbox Capital
 Kichi Invest
 Accum Kapital
Previous Investors  same as above ( except Kichi Invest; Accum Kapital )
 Art and Culture
 Howzat Partners
 Monkfish Equity
 Richard Chen

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