[ VideoKen raises $1M in Seed ]

VideoKen has raised  $1 million in Seed funding.

Founded in 2016, VideoKen  is a powerful video based social learning platform being offered to educational institutions, training companies, and enterprises. It is built on a foundation of cutting edge research that has been presented at top international conferences and covered by 4 granted and 21 pending US Patents.

The company plans to use this funding to further enhance the world-leading AI capabilities of the VideoKen learning platform and to invest in sales activities to reach out to enterprise customers.

Funding  Seed
Founded  2016
Country  India
City  Bangalore, Karnataka
Founder / CEO  Manish Gupta
Deal Size  $1M
Investors  Sashi Reddi
 Chandrasekhar Gopalan
 Ajay Lavakare
 Ashish Agrawal
 Surojit Chatterjee
 Hari Vasudev
 Ravi Garikipati
Previous Investors  /

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Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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