[ Goodpatch raises $3.61M in Series C ]

Goodpatch has raised $3.61 million in Series C  funding.

Founded in 2011, GoodPatch is a designer and developer of digital products for iOS, Android and web applications.

In addition to receiving the new fnancing, Goodpatch announced along with the funds raised this round that they are undertaking of a project to improve the UX/UI design of SBI Investment’s SBI Securities.

Funding  Series C
Founded  2011
Country  Japan
City  Tokyo
Founder / CEO  Naofumi Tsuchiya
Deal Size  $3.61M
Investors  Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance  Company
 SBI Investment
Previous Investors  SMBC Venture Capital
 Salesforce Ventures
 SBI Asset Management
 DG Incubation

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