[ Luxexcel raises $10m in Series C ]

Luxexcel has raised $10 million in Series C funding.

Founded in 2009, Luxexcel  is a 3D printing company. The platform consists of industrial-grade 3D printers, lens design software and workflow integration tools.

The new financing  enables Luxexcel to bring high quality industrial 3D printers to the ophthalmic market and it shows great confidence in the company business strategy.

Funding  Series C
Founded 2009
Country  The Netherlands
City  Kruiningen, Zeeland
Founder / CEO  Eric Tierie
Deal Size  $10M
Investors  KLA Tencor
 SET Ventures
 Munich Venture Partners
Previous Investors  same as above ( except  KLA Tencor) 
 Filsa Capital
 PMV Tina Fund

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