[ GrandCanals raises $4.8M in Series A ]

GrandCanals has raised $4.8 million in Series A funding.

Founded in 2014, GrandCanals  is the market leader in analytics-driven fulfillment. Leveraging more than a century in fulfillment experience, and decades of deep knowledge in analytics software, GrandCanals delivers the capability for companies to fulfill with confidence and delight their customers.

The new funding will fuel GrandCanals’ growth as it drives adoption of the latest version of the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud with retailers and eCommerce companies. Purpose-built for direct-to-customer fulfillment, Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud 3.0 enables companies to fulfill with confidence and delight their customers by providing the intelligence required to improve fulfillment chains and meet rising customer expectations on delivery time, cost, and convenience.

Funding  Series A
Founded  2014
Country USA
City  San Jose, California
Founder / CEO  Doug Jones
Deal Size  $4.8M
Investors  AllMobile Fund
 Cloud Apps Capital Partners
Previous Investors  /