[ Kompany raises an undisclosed amount in funding ]

Kompany has raised an undisclosed amount in venture funding.

Founded in 2012, Kompany provides real-time access to official and authoritative commercial register data, including company filings from more than 100 million companies in 150+ jurisdictions.

The new financing will be used  to expand the company global presence to cover 150 million companies worldwide and to develop new services such as an international Ultimate Beneficial Owner  analysis tool.

Funding  Venture
Founded  2012
Country  Austria
City  Vienna, Wien
Founder / CEO  Russell Perry
Deal Size  undisclosed 
Investors  Stefan Schneider
 Hermann Hauser
 PISEC Group GmbH
 Michael Schweitzer
 AC & Friends GmbH
 Austria Wirtschaftsservice
 Valentin Basilides
 Livag GmbH
 Russell Perry
 Karl Heinz
 Andreas Haschka
 Burkhard Gantenbein

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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