[ Carpe Data raises $6.6M in Series A ]

Carpe Data has raised $6.6 million in Series A funding.

Founded in 2016, Carpe Data provides predictive scoring and data products to P&C and life insurance companies. Leveraging the social web, online content, email intelligence, connected devices, and other forms of advanced and alternative data, the company’s products enable insurers to predict risk and innovate with new products to meet changing customer habits.

The company will use the new financing  to bring its suite of predictive data products and tools to more insurers as well as broaden and accelerate new product development.

Funding  Series A
Founded  2016
Country  USA
City  Santa Barbara, California
Founder / CEO  Max Drucker
Deal Size  $6.6M
Investors  Aquiline Capital Partners
Previous Investors  /

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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