[ Change.org raises $30M in Series D ]

Change.org  has raised $30 million in Series D funding.

Founded in 2007, Change.org  develops an online petition and fundraising platform that offers social and political activity management solutions. It is a social network for creating campaigns for social issues. The site’s users can create petitions so that others can add their names to them, like modern-day versions of paper-based petitions used for centuries.

With the new fiancing round, Rattray is focused on continuing to expand the fundraising and promoted petitions strategy. The recent U.S. elections and subsequent increase in political activism have also been helpful the Change.org’s growth.

Funding  Series D
Founded  2007
Country  USA
City  San Francisco, CA
Founder / CEO  Ben Rattray
Deal Size  $30M
Investors  Reid Hoffman
 Bill Gates
 Sam Altman
Previous Investors  same as above 
 Emagen Investment Group, Inc.
 Obvious Ventures
 Omidyar Network
 Slow Ventures
 Summit Action
 Uprising Ventures
 Nasir “Nas” Jones
 Bill Gates
 Ashton Kutcher
 Bradley Horowitz
 and others

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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