[ Saluda Medical raises $40M in Series D funding ]

Saluda Medical has raised $40 million in Series D funding.

Founded in 2011, Saluda Medical is developing an intelligent Evoke Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) system designed to use the patient’s own neural fingerprint to monitor and adapt the dose of electrical stimulation automatically and tailor the therapy to meet each individual patient’s needs in real-time. The system is an investigational device and is limited by US Federal law to investigational use only.

The new financing will support the current U.S. pivotal randomized, double-blinded clinical trial now enrolling patients at 11 sites across the country. The round will also allow Saluda Medical to commercialize the Evoke SCS therapy in Europe and Australia.

Funding  Series D
Founded  2011
Country  Australia
City  Artarmon, New South Wales
Founder / CEO  John Parker
Deal Size  $40M
Investors  Action Potential Venture Capital (APVC)
 Medtronic PLC.
Previous Investors  BioScience Managers Limited
 Medtronic PLC.
 NSW government

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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