[ CounterTack raises $20M in Series D ]

CounterTack has raised $20 million in Series D funding.

Founded in 2011, CounterTack delivers the one true Endpoint Threat Platform, (ETP) to enterprise customers globally. The company provides a unique combination of threat context, organizational resiliency and broad visibility, to mitigate endpoint risk and reduce the impact of advanced attacks.

The funding will be leveraged to fuel CounterTack’s explosive growth and global expansion in the burgeoning cybersecurity market, where CounterTack is fast-becoming the only enterprise-class endpoint security platform that cyber teams can build on, to lever dynamic capabilities beyond the endpoint.

Funding  Series D
Founded  2011
Country  USA
City  Waltham, MA
Founder / CEO  Neal Creighton
Deal Size  $20M
Investors  Singtel Innov8
 SAP National Security Services
Previous Investors  Alcatel-Lucent
 EDB Investments
 Fairhaven Capital Partners
 Goldman Sachs
 Mitsui Global Investment
 OnPoint Technologies
 Razor’s Edge Ventures
 TenEleven Ventures

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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