[ Monteris Medical raises $26.6M in Series C ]

Monteris Medical has raised $26.6 million in Series C funding.

Founded in 1999, Monteris Medical designs, manufactures and markets MRI-guided laser ablation systems for the treatment of brain lesions. Monteris  markets the NeuroBlate® System in the United States and Canada as a surgical tool that provides neurosurgeons an alternative to traditional craniotomies.

The company will use the funds raised to invest in further innovation, clinical research and commercial expansion.

Funding  Series C
Founded  1999
Country  USA
City  Plymouth, Minnesota
Founder / CEO  Marty Emerson
Deal Size  $26.6M
Investors  BDC Venture Capital
 SightLine Partners
 Birchview Fund
 Versant Ventures
Previous Investors  Business Development Bank of  Canada
 Oxford Finance Corporation
 The Vertical Group
 BDC Venture Capital
 SWMF Life Science Fund

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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