[ Fishpeople Seafood raises $12M in Series B ]

Fishpeople Seafood has raised $12 million in Series B funding.

Founded in 2012, Fishpeople Seafood  is a food processing company that produces and distributes seafood products and kits such as fillets, chowders and starters.

The fresh funds  will enable the brand to continue its journey to become the most trusted name in seafood by furthering the company’s growth and pioneering new product developments, all while passionately adhering to its unwavering commitment to consumers and fishermen as a market and thought leader in the sustainable seafood space.

Funding  Series B
Founded  2012
Country  USA
City  Portland, Oregon
Founder / CEO  Ken Plasse
Deal Size  $12M
Investors  Advantage Capital Agribusiness  Partners
 Collaborative Fund
 Blueberry Ventures
 S2G Ventures
  Encourage Capital
 3×5 Partners
Previous Investors  /

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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