[ Trint raises $3.1M in Series A ]

Trint has raised $3.1 million in Series A  funding.

Founded in 2014, Trint  integrates a web-based audio/video player and text editor, with the outputted automated transcription synced to the audio player’s playhead. It’s a deceptively simple idea but one that makes a ton of difference when checking (and editing) a transcription for accuracy.

The new financing will be used to support the development of technology to transform Trint into an “end-to-end publishing platform.” The startup also plans to roll out a mobile app, and a series of enterprise solutions targeting international media organizations, universities, businesses and government agencies as potential Trint customers.

Funding Series A
Founded  2014
Country  UK
City  London
Founder / CEO  Jeff Kofman
Deal Size  $3.1M
Investors  Horizons Ventures
Previous Investors  Knight Enterprise Fund
 Wild Blue Cohort
 Andy Skipper
 Angels Den

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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