[ Repare Therapeutics raises $68M in Series A ]

Repare Therapeutics has raised $68 million in Series A funding.

Founded in 2016, Repare Therapeutics  is developing new, precision oncology drugs for patients that target specific vulnerabilities of tumor cells.

With this financing, Repare emerges from Versant’s Discovery Engines after an 18-month stealth period during which the company advanced its leading CRISPR-enabled synthetic lethality drug discovery platform, identified several promising oncology targets and moved multiple programs into preclinical development.

Funding  Series A
Founded  2016
Country  Canada
City  St-Laurent, Quebec
Founder / CEO  Lloyd M. Segal
Deal Size  $68M
Investors  Celgene
 BDC Healthcare Venture
 Fonds de solidarité FTQ
 MPM Capital
 Versant Ventures
Previous Investors  /

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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