[ Tagos Design Innovations raises $5M in Series A funding ]

Tagos Design Innovations has raised $5 million in Series A funding.

Founded in 2014, Tagos Design Innovations  is helping video publishers and advertisers use AI to talk to their customers, understand them and serve them better. The company’s pioneering In-Video discovery platform, Charmboard powered by artificial intelligence, makes video respond to touch.

The company will use the capital to build upon its early success and market traction. Through this expansion, Tagos expects to demonstrate growth, product innovation, enhance its user community and expand its team.

Funding  Series A
Founded  2014
Country  India
City  Bengaluru, Karnataka
Founder / CEO  GBS Bindra
Deal Size  $5M
Investors  Zee Entertainment Enterprises
Previous Investors  /

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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