[ Bingobox raises $14.76M in Series A ]

Bingobox has raised $14.76 million in Series A funding.

Bingobox was set up in Zhongshan city in Guangdong and launched a testing of completely automated mobile convenience stores last August. It opened its first 24-hour unmanned store in Shanghai last month, offering 20-30 per cent cheaper than 7-Eleven or Lawsons,

The Chinese startup has partnered with French retail firm Groupe Auchan SA to improve the efficiency of its supply chain as well as partnered with Tencent’s WeChat and Alipay for payment system.

Funding  Series A
Founded  /
Country  China
City  Zhangshan, Guangdong
Founder / CEO  Chen Zilin
Deal Size  $14.76M
Investors  GGV Capital
 Qiming Venture Partners
Previous Investors  /