[ Mirexus Biotechnologies raises $12M in Venture ]

Mirexus Biotechnologies has raised $12 million in Venture funding.

Founded in 2008, Mirexus Biotechnologies  is a natural nanomaterials company that develops novel technology based on polysaccharide nanoparticles.

The new financing will be used to finance a factory to produce PhytoSpherix™, to boost business development, particularly in the Personal Care market, and increase R&D to develop new personal care, nutraceutical, and biomedical applications.

Funding Venture
Founded  2008
Country  Canada
City Guelph, Ontario
Founder / CEO  Phil Whiting
Deal Size  $12M
Investors  Goddard Enterprises
Previous Investors  Asahi Kasei
 GreenSky Capital
 Goddard Enterprises