[ OwnBackup raises $7.5M in Series B ]

OwnBackup has raised $7.5 million in Series B funding.

Founded in 2012, OwnBackup  is a leading cloud-to-cloud backup & restore vendor. They provide secure, automated, daily backups of SaaS & PaaS data as well as sophisticated data compare & restore tools for disaster recovery.

The company plans to spend some of the new cash expanding the product set, while continuing to build out the sales and marketing arm. OwnBackup currently has 500 paying customers and 30 employees divided between the corporate offices in Fort Lee, New Jersey and the R&D arm in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Funding  Series B
Founded  2012
Country  USA
City  Fort Lee, New Jersey
Founder / CEO  Sam Gutmann
Deal Size  $7.5M
Investors  Salesforce Ventures
 Innovation Endeavors
 Oryzn Capital
 Insight Venture Partners
Previous Investors  Innovation Endeavors
 Salesforce Ventures
 Oryzn Capital

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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