[ Italian AppQuality raised $465k from Italian Angels for Growth ]

Members of Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) and Club Degli Investitori have invested $465k (€400k) in AppQuality, a start-up that analyzes the state of the art of websites and applications to identify critical areas of intervention, namely a system of analysis that identifies bugs to be solved.
The platform, active in crowdtesting in Italy, offers a suite of solutions that handles negative feedback from the end user and optimizes the experience of using digital products, accelerating time and lowering the costs of development and testing process on any type of smartphone or other device.
In addition to IAG and Club Degli Investitori, the Club Italia Investimenti 2 also participated. Important startup partner is also the Digital360 group, listed on Alternative Investment Market Italia (AIM).

Funding  Seed
Founded  2015
Country  Italy
City  Milano, Lombardia
Founder / CEO  Luca Manara
Deal Size  $465k
Investors  Italian Angels for Growth
 Club Degli Investitori
 Club Italia Investimenti 2
 Previous Investors Italian Angels for Growth
 Club Degli Investitori

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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