[ Vehicle wrap ads startup StickEarn raises $1m seed funding ]

Indonesia’s StickEarn has secured US$1 million in seed funding from East Ventures, the VC firm told Tech in Asia.

The vehicle advertising startup acts as an intermediary between advertisers and car owners, who are paid by StickEarn to place ads on their cars and then drive around targeted areas to capture the public’s attention.

These ads typically take the form of adhesive “wrap advertising” that can be stuck onto the windscreens and windows of cars and other vehicles so as to be visible to people outside.

This form of out-of-home advertising has become a fairly common sight in many cities, with US startup Wrapify as one of the most well-known players in this space.

But StickEarn’s co-founders realised this was almost non-existent in Jakarta, which has one of the world’s highest volumes of traffic. People in the capital city spend an average of two hours each day on the road sitting in cars, or on scooters and motorbikes.

Funding  Seed
Founded  2017
Country  Indonesia
City  Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Raya
Founder / CEO  Archie Carlson
Deal Size  $1M
Investors  East Ventures
 Previous Investors  /

Investor & Serial Startupper ;-))

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