Hypergiant Sensory Sciences Lands Series A

Hypergiant Sensory Sciences

Dallas, TX

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Dave Copps CEO
DALLAS, TX, Hypergiant Sensory Sciences has raised a Series A led by Align Capital.
Hypergiant Sensory Sciences launched today, on a mission to deliver human perception at impossible scale. Interconnected with the rapidly growing syndicate of Hypergiant Industries' companies, Hypergiant Sensory Sciences is the brainchild of veteran entrepreneurs and AI experts Dave Copps, Chris Rohde, and Ben Lamm. In 2007, Copps and Rohde combined to form Brainspace and built a machine learning platform for digital investigations that sold as part of a $2.8 billion deal with Cyxtera in 2017.

The rapid growth of cameras, sensors, and the number of locations being sensed have created an urgent need for a real breakthrough in the ability to persistently observe and learn from our physical environments. Hypergiant Sensory Sciences is a software company combining sensor networks, deep learning, and modeling software to create AI-powered digital copies of real-world scenes. Hypergiant Sensory Sciences is extending the science of spatial computing to encompass a learning layer that enables organizations to sense, learn and alert when important things happen in their physical environments.

"As we looked deeper into this opportunity we started to see a vision of how emerging technologies like deep learning and modeling software could reshape and amplify our ability to perceive physical environments. With new learning methods we saw that we could even create learning networks by connecting multiple environments," said Dave Copps, CEO of Hypergiant Sensory Sciences. "We've always had the honor of working with and building incredible teams that play impossible games and this company will be no different. 'Creating human perception at impossible scale' is more than a tagline for us – it's what we are setting out to create for the world."

The core technology leverages custom deep neural nets that combine object detection, classification, and tracking we generate massive data streams containing detailed information extracted from activities occurring across thousands of scenes. Importantly, these machines are built to learn quickly, and on fewer examples. Companies can have their systems up and running with hundreds of examples instead of tens-of-thousands, making the process of having the networks up and running, and learning, incredibly fast.

"We founded Hypergiant Sensory Sciences with the goal of taking our expertise in artificial intelligence and unstructured data and applying it to a new area. We were stunned to find that machine perception and sensory search are still green pastures," said Chris Rohde, President of Hypergiant Sensory Sciences. "After a successful exit of a world-class company, we're thrilled and humbled to have the opportunity to pioneer an entirely new category."

The company's initial focus will be on critical infrastructure, in industries where learning from multiple physical environments is key. Their first target industries include the Oil & Gas industry, the Department of Defense and Healthcare.

"Dave and Chris are the absolute best in the machine learning field with a proven track record of success," said Ben Lamm, CEO of Hypergiant Industries. "We are honored and thrilled to have them part of the Hypergiant family helping to push the boundaries of what is possible by empowering humans with augmented intelligence, the space where impossibility truly intersects reality."

Hypergiant Sensory Sciences Series A was led by Align Capital out of Austin, Texas and included Capital Factory, GPG Ventures in Dallas among others.

Hypergiant Sensory Sciences will launch as an independent company within the Hypergiant Industries syndicate, a machine intelligence industrial complex recently co-founded in Texas by Ben Lamm. Through its connection with Hypergiant, Hypergiant Sensory Sciences harnesses the talents of industry pioneers Copps and Rohde and the syndicate's broader network. Built on a reputation for excellence and innovation, Hypergiant Sensory Sciences is the newest part of the future, today.

Hypergiant Industries and Hypergiant Sensory Sciences based in Texas, with offices in Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

To learn more, please visit: http://www.hypergiant.com/sensory-sciences/
About Hypergiant Sensory Sciences:

Hypergiant Sensory Sciences, headquartered in Dallas Texas, is a software company on a mission to deliver human perception at impossible scale. We provide companies that have a critical need to perceive their physical environments with software that amplifies and augments their ability to do it at scale.

We understand how to utilize AI and emerging technologies in building products that solve complex, high value, problems for our customers. Interconnected with the rapidly growing syndicate of Hypergiant Industries' companies, Hypergiant Sensory Sciences is the brainchild of veteran entrepreneurs Dave Copps, Chris Rohde, and Ben Lamm.

About Hypergiant Industries:

Hypergiant Industries is the AI industrial complex for leading global enterprises and governments. We help major institutions innovate with breakthrough machine intelligence-driven technology. The solutions, products, and companies we create support our customers on their mission to speed beyond norms and realize an exploded potential of the future we were promised. We push the boundaries of what was previously thought technologically impossible. We meet our customers in the space where impossibility intersects reality. Where light filters out the dark. And machine intelligence makes everything about your business more intelligent.

Hypergiant Industries was founded by Ben Lamm, John Fremont, and Will Womble and is headquartered in Texas.

Funding Events

Date Amount Type Investors Lead investor
30/11/2018 undisclosed Series A Align Capital Partners, Capital Factory, Green Park & Golf Ventures Align Capital Partners

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