Outlaw Closes $2M Seed Round


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Evan Schneyer CEO
BROOKLYN, NY, Modern contract platform, announces that it has closed a $2 million round of seed funding led by Bowery Capital.
Outlaw Inc., a modern contract platform, announces that it has closed a $2 million round of seed funding led by Bowery Capital and joined by notable angels including Jake Gibson (NerdWallet founder), Kevin Mahaffey (Lookout founder) and Lee Linden (Tapjoy & Karma founder). The company will use the funding to grow its team, accelerate product development and scale customer acquisition.

In an industry where the cost for creating even the most basic agreement (like an NDA) averages nearly $7000, Outlaw breaks through by helping customers minimize errors and delays in their contract processes, cutting contract-to-close times by up to 90 percent. Outlaw's collaborative platform enables parties to seamlessly create, edit, negotiate and execute agreements. Its industry-first redlining and version control tools empower companies across industries such as finance, insurance, real estate and hospitality to optimize their contract life cycle and deal flow. Current customers include Agoda, Rise by Barclays, Work & Co, and Compass.

"Outlaw has a seasoned team with a unique understanding of the pain points and bottlenecks that contracts have on the enterprise," explained Loren Straub, Principal at Bowery Capital. "This segment is ripe for disruption and Outlaw's vision and execution are far and away the most transformative we've ever seen."

"Most businesses' contract processes are stuck in the 1990s," said Evan Schneyer, CEO & Co-Founder of Outlaw. "Companies still maintain and update their contract templates in Microsoft Word, which offers inadequate versioning, over-complicates approvals, and creates huge room for error. We reduce revenue leakage from poorly managed contract processes and free up legal counsel's time to focus on more strategic matters than fixing typos."

Outlaw was co-founded in 2017 by Evan Schneyer, an ex-Googler and serial entrepreneur who founded Wanderfly (acquired by TripAdvisor), and Dan Dalzotto, a veteran product designer who has created products for Google, Facebook, Starbucks and the NBA. The duo built Outlaw to be as intuitive and flexible as it is robust, leveraging elegant design to improve user experience.

"Outlaw is powered by an advanced authoring and templating engine," said Dan, "but equally importantly, we're the only contract software in the world that focuses on the recipient's experience. Receiving a contract can be intimidating or polarizing but that doesn't need to be the case. We believe the entire contract experience can be a pleasure for all parties."

About Outlaw Inc.
Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, Outlaw Inc. is a contract platform that cuts the time and expense of contract creation, speeding deal flow by 90 percent. Outlaw helps companies, including Agoda, Rise by Barclays, Work & Co, and Compass, reduce their reliance on legal resources by modernizing the contract process. The company is venture backed, with $2.5 million in funding from various investors, including Bowery Capital. More information can be found at getoutlaw.com.

Funding Events

Date Amount Type Investors Lead investor
06/02/2019 $2,000,000 Seed Bowery Capital, Jake Gibson, Kevin Mahaffey, Lee Linden Bowery Capital

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