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Il sole 24 ore
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Why choose us

5 laboratories to prototype and experiment

Partnerships with several Universities and their Spin-offs

Strong network connections with VCs, private investors and investment funds

We manage an observatory on all the news about ICOs, Startups and Innovation worldwide

We evaluate +200 projects/business ideas for investors

Strong connection with Hub21, the Italian startup incubator

Years of social media marketing expertise

+150.000 unpaid visitors on our web channels

Events, posts, articles and reports published periodically, both offline and online

Our mission

We have years of experience on Business Plan validation, talent scouting and Startup scaling. Thanks to the strong connection with Hub21, the startup incubator of the center area of Italy, we have been providing mentoring and support on financial, business and technological aspects about the digital world.

The creation of ICOs in a natural step for us, forward the fundraising in the cryptocurrencies age.

  • Financial Services
  • Blockchain Strategy
  • Exchange Solutions
  • Business Rating
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Fundrising

Our experience

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts 90%
Research and Development 100%
ICO and Investment Marketing 90%
Business Idea, project evaluations 100%

Looking for a First-Class ICO and Cryptocurrency Investments Expert?

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